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A mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modelling positive behaviours. The “mentor” is usually an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience, and advice with a less experienced person, or “mentee



Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills mentee’s can learn from mentors but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success. Getting on board with the right mentor is essential.



Our Mentors are qualified and subject matter expert, they will be able to coach and mentor any Homepreneur from the beginning of your entrepreneurship and walk the journey with you. Our mentors know exactly what to do and will guide you to the right path.



Our Mentorship program takes place online and offline. We make the connection very flexible and doable, mentors and mentees can get connected and travel on the same path at any time from anywhere. As long both parties are available, the program will be a success.


Digital Marketing/Business Mentorship programmes!

Geared towards Digitalisation with

Roselin Das

My Name is Roselin Das, I am a Social Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Digital Marketing Trainer/Mentor and Coach. I am the Founder of Goodfellas Worldwide and CO-Founder of Mom’s Village Malaysia.
My Vision for Digital Marketing Mentorship entity is to ensure “Everyone has knowledge of Digital Marketing Skill as its a “Living skill” for the current era” Our Vision on Mom’s Village Asia is: “Empower Women through a Digital Village”.
We help Homepreneur and Startups by offering training and mentorship on Social Media Marketing and Optimising the Platform so that they can grow a sustainable business, be visible online and create a brand authority.
We provide Social Media Management services for companies that don’t have the knowledge and manpower to bring their business Digital.
Current Era of Digital, we must know how to operate in this Digital world. Digitalising your business is moving at a rapid fast speed, this forces all of us to jump into this wagon and make our mark. Let’s learn this survival skill for our future betterment!
Our focus to create a community of Virtual Assistances, we will train and render a job for them to practise the skill they have learned and give them the opportunity to earn money.
We focus on making Women have Financial Independence so they can walk the talk and have the confidence and make the decision as they wish.
Geared towards Digitalisation


The purpose for the Mentor

Develop leadership skills. Being put in the position of a role model can help even the most experienced employees become better leaders. They teach, motivate and offer feedback. All these skills are at the top of the list when it comes to leadership. 1. Communication and listening skills.

2. Mentors need to be active and involved listeners as well as strategic communicators.

3. Learning opportunity.

While the mentor is usually in the position of imparting knowledge to the mentee, a mentoring relationship can also help the more experienced There will be an area where the mentee can also become a teacher, guiding the mentor to learn new skills or a new way of doing things. Personal satisfaction. Mentoring can help increase the sense of self-worth that a mentor has because they will be able to see how their skills and abilities can help someone else.


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Love from our Tribe

You want to know their personal story, so you can put together a complete picture of what our tribe really think, from first impressions and customer service, their satisfaction and after-sales care. We get it! Here is what our tribe got to say about us!

I have attended the basic digital marketing course with Ros. The course is super practical and very hands-on. We can start creating our own business page immediately after the course. I learn to do designing and copywriting just in 4 hours. I love our coach, she is willing to share her skills unconditionally and very good at coaching us. I was so thrilled to learn the shortcuts which are so helpful to me as a full-time mum. Now I can manage my business better. I am grateful to Ros

LeAnne Khong
Plant Essential

Highly recommend following this page. I’ve attended 2 classes so far with Roselin Das and both were fantastic. Not only the classes are reasonably priced but you get more than what you’ve invested for. Whether you’re a beginner in Digital Marketing or have an intermediate understanding – these workshops will teach you all the tips and most importantly help you understand how to navigate yourself around this topic. The best part – It’s easy to understand, follow and practice

Safinaz Sajaat
JustMangos N JustWellness

I was thinking of quitting because I’ve been boosting my posts and it never worked. Finally decided to take this course and it’s so worth it. I have learned so many things in just one day. Roselin is a great mentor and the class was so motivating. She was ready to teach one by one and gave so many of tips. Seriously never realised the time because the course was so engaging. Definitely will recommend any entrepreneur and will go for advanced classes with her. Thumbs up Rose


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Our Awesome Team

We present to you our Leadership Team!

Roselin Das

Chief Amazement Officer / Trainer/Mentor

I help Homepreneur and Startups by offering training and mentorship on Social Media Marketing and Optimising the Platform so that they can grow a sustainable business, be visible online and create a brand authority.

Vatsala Nair

Chief Happiness Officer / Trainer/Mentor

I help women in crisis especially those who are surviving domestic violence to rebuild their life through socio-economic empowerment. I strongly advocate, financial independence and self-love for women“


Dynamic Social Integrator/


I am a Social Media Strategist and a Trainer. I create a strategic marketing approach that provides relevant and consistent content to attract and retain an audience on social media. I also part of the trainers’ team.

Audrey Barry

Conversation Manager

I am working remotely from East Malaysia. I do admin duties, content creation and content design for businesses in social media. I learned a lot and still learning while working here. Day by day I am upgrading my skill with the help of the Mentors.

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