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"Mastering the Digital Landscape:
The Rise of Digital Marketing in Malaysia"


A mentor is a person who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modelling positive behaviours. The “mentor” is usually an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience, and advice with a less experienced person or “mentee.”



Mentoring is essential because of the knowledge and skills mentees can learn from mentors and because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success. Getting on board with the right mentor is essential.



Our Mentors are qualified subject matter experts; they will be able to coach and mentor any Homepreneur from the beginning of your entrepreneurship and walk the journey with you. Our mentors know precisely what to do and will guide you to the right path. We walk with you.



Our Mentorship program takes place online and offline. We make the connection very flexible and doable; mentors and mentees can get connected and travel on the same path at any time from anywhere. As long as both parties are available, the program will be a success.


Digital Marketing in Malaysia!

Geared towards Digitalisation with

Roselin Das

My Name is Roselin Das; I am a Social Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Digital Marketing Trainer/Mentor and Coach. I am the Founder of Digital Tribe Sdn Bhd and Co-Founder of Mom’s Village Asia Sdn Bhd. I aim to establish a substantial Community dedicated to advancing the vision of Digital Marketing in Malaysia. I own a Community group on Facebook and LinkedIn called Homepreneurs Empowerment Network   Join us now
We primarily focus on making Women’s Financial Independence so they can walk the talk confidently and make the decision they wish. She gains her power and creates her identity. She becomes herself again! 
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Transforming Brands with Digital Marketing in Malaysia

In today’s digital era, a robust online presence is no longer optional; it’s necessary. However, navigating the vast digital landscape can be daunting for many businesses. That’s where we step in with our comprehensive Social Media Management services. While every company needs to be online, not all have the expertise or resources to make it effective. Our mission? To bridge that gap! But our services don’t stop at just managing your social media. We’re passionate about empowering individuals too. Our Focus is Crafting Digital Marketing Excellence in Malaysia, and We’re building a thriving community of Virtual Assistants, providing them with top-notch training and lucrative job opportunities. This initiative allows them to harness their skills and offers a platform to earn. Our extensive training programs delve deep into digital marketing and business nuances. We cover everything from search engine optimization and content marketing to email campaigns. Our seasoned trainers deliver interactive sessions, ensuring you grasp the practical aspects of operating in the digital realm. Our training is a goldmine for businesses and entrepreneurs eager to carve a niche online. We equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to survive and thrive in the digital age. And if you have unique needs, fret not! We craft customized training modules tailored just for you, ensuring you’re always ahead of your competitors. And here’s the cherry on top: our Virtual Assistance services. We’ve covered you if you want to outsource tasks and streamline operations. Starting at a minimal RM400 per month, you can leverage our skilled Virtual Assistants, ensuring your business runs smoothly while you focus on its growth.

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Digital Marketing In Malaysia
Digital Marketing In Malaysia
Digital Marketing In Malaysia
Digital Marketing In Malaysia

“Unlocking the Power of Virtual Assistant SERVICES: How a Virtual Assistant Can Transform Your Life and Business”

Have you ever heard of a Virtual Assistant? If not, don’t worry! A Virtual Assistant is someone who works from a remote location to help people with all sorts of tasks.

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Digital Marketing In Malaysia

SEO Training: Your Ultimate Guide to SEO Training and Techniques

SEO Training is crucial. Now, let’s look at what SEO is- Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to successful online marketing.

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Digital Marketing In Malaysia

Kelas Pemasaran Digital : Panduan untuk Memulakan Perniagaan Anda di Era Digital

Terdapat begitu banyak kaedah pemasaran digital yang boleh dilakukan, termasuklah pemasaran di media sosial, pengiklanan online, pemasaran email, dan banyak lagi.

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Love from our Tribe

You want to know their personal story, so you can put together a complete picture of what our tribe think, from first impressions and customer service, their satisfaction, and after-sales care. We get it! Please read about it!

Digital marketing

I have attended the primary digital marketing course with Ros. The system is super practical and very hands-on. We can start creating our business page immediately after the course. I learn to do designing and copywriting just in 4 hours. I love our coach; she is willing to share her skills unconditionally and is very good at coaching us. I was thrilled to learn the shortcuts that are so helpful to me as a full-time mum. Now I can manage my business better. I am grateful to Rose.

LeAnne Khong
Plant Essential
Digital marketing

Highly recommend following this page. I’ve attended two classes so far with Roselin Das, and both were fantastic. Not only are the classes reasonably priced, but you get more than what you’ve invested. Whether you’re a beginner in Digital Marketing or have an intermediate understanding, these workshops will teach you all the tips and, most importantly, help you navigate this topic. The best part – It’s easy to understand, follow and practice.

Safinaz Sajaat
JustMangos N JustWellness
Digital marketing

I thought of quitting because I’ve been boosting my posts, which never worked. I finally decided to take this course, which is worth it. I have learned so many things in just one day. Roselin is a great mentor, and the class was so motivating. She was ready to teach one by one and gave so many tips. Seriously never realised the time because the course was so engaging. I recommend any entrepreneur and will go for advanced classes with her. Thumbs up Rose


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Our Awesome Team

Your Digital Marketing Partner in Malaysia

We present to you our Leadership Team!

Roselin Das

Roselin Das

Chief Amazement Officer / Trainer/Mentor

In today’s digital-driven landscape, establishing a solid online presence and brand authority is paramount for startups. That’s where I come in. I specialize in guiding startups on their journey to success by providing tailored training and mentorship in Digital Marketing and business. I aim to empower these budding enterprises to cultivate sustainable businesses, enhance their online visibility, and solidify their brand’s authority. Beyond just mentorship, I am a community builder.


Vatsala Nair

Chief Happiness Officer / Trainer/Mentor

Empowering women in crisis, particularly survivors of domestic violence is my mission. I provide support and guidance to help them rebuild their lives, emphasising socio-economic empowerment. I passionately advocate for financial independence and self-love, believing these are foundational to every woman’s journey to reclaim her life and strength. I build a community so we create a solid support system. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, self-sufficient future.



Dynamic Social Integrator / Trainer/Mentor

As a Social Media Strategist and Trainer, I specialize in crafting strategic marketing approaches tailored to the digital realm. My focus is on delivering relevant and consistent content that attracts and retains a dedicated social media audience. Beyond strategy, I take pride in being a part of an elite team of trainers, sharing knowledge and empowering others in the ever-evolving world of social media. We navigate the digital landscape together, ensuring an impactful and lasting online presence.



Community Wizard  / Trainer/Mentor

Building relationships and addressing client challenges are at the heart of what I do. I take pride in actively communicating with our customers, ensuring they receive nothing short of excellent service. My organising skill and managing project are what make me unique. Beyond that, my passion extends to content creation and training, where I craft meaningful content and share knowledge to empower others. Together, we forge connections and create lasting impacts on the Digital world.

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