“Expert Online Business Mentoring in Malaysia | Find the Right Mentor for Success”

“Expert Online Business Mentoring in Malaysia | Find the Right Mentor for Success”

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Mentor for your online business

“Find a Qualified and Passionate Mentor for Your Online Business in Malaysia”


Do you know having the right mentor for your online business in Malaysia is like a match made in Heaven, and if you are lucky, we are happily ever after?

This Mentor in your business will ensure your heart pumps the right amount of blood to the proper organ and part at the best time. The mentor will guide you to the right path where your business will grow and make a sustainable income.

The struggle is the same when running a business as a Homepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Sidepreneurs, Mompreneurs, or any Entrepreneur. We must continue our journey and find a creative way to soar to the greatest heights.

How to find a Mentor for Online Business who genuinely wants to help you!!

Firstly,  find one that is successful (in your eyes and on paper) that meets your style and personality.
This person must be someone with whom you can connect and relate. You have to ensure that you want them to mentor you.

Leads Generation? Marketing Strategy? Branding? Creating Brand awareness? Business Coaching? What are you want them to do?

Here in Digital Marketing Mentorship, we guide you and hold your hand from the beginning to the end. This is a never-ending journey on which we embark and journey with you.

Any Mentor ought to have the option to prompt;

– What channels ought to be accustomed to advertising your business (for example, Google PPC, SEO, Facebook and so on)

– How to approach the showcasing for each chosen channel

– What kind of spending plan and degree of profitability bodes well

– What is required to boost the showcasing from a channel (e.g.website changes, presentation pages and so forth)

– How to break down the consequences of promoting a movement

– How to learn and improve results continuously, consolidating changes in how the channel functions

This procedure could proceed for quite a while if you see the desired outcomes. Realize that a decent mentor for your online business will put the time into understanding the improvements in each channel to guarantee continuous achievement. It is expected to see approaches prevail for some time, yet then should be balanced over the long haul.

Mentor for your online business promises you:-

– Honest advice at all times

– Share their Expertise with you genuinely

– A low-cost monthly fee

– Working alongside you with no other vested interest – just having the same goals as you

This is what you look for in a Mentor for Online Business: –

1. Do some initial Internet marketing research
2. Be prepared to pay for your mentoring.
3. Become part of a professional marketing association.
4. Sign up for mentoring sessions
5. Find an Internet marketing coach from a successful story
6. Apply for an Internet marketing internship as your mentor provides you.

This is what we do as Mentor:-


We will go through the objectives and goals you have for your business, identify the opportunity you overlooked, and guide you to design an action plan.

We will guide you through identifying, prioritizing, and ultimately selecting a specific opportunity to focus on. By the end of Step 1, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the problem or opportunity for improvement?
  2. How do you know that it is a problem?  What data/analysis supports this?
  3. Why is this issue important?

There are several frameworks and tools to help us assess and prioritize opportunities for improvement.

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mentor-for-online-marketingDon’t write a business plan; create a “game plan.” To make it work, you must do more than change the name. You need to understand the difference. A business plan is something that a company would give the bank to get a loan or what a company may use to determine the financials. A game plan tells a leader or a professional the what, the how, the when and the why of achieving particular goals. A game plan is about taking control of the business and ensuring that others will not affect the business negatively.


This is where many businesses fail because, as a startup, you don’t know how to create and what to anticipate, we will guide you to generate a workable action plan, and we will monitor your progress.



I often feel that the universe treats entrepreneurs like this.  It yells pivot, and we often act as if we didn’t hear her. Not until the yelling gets to the point of being deafening do we often start to listen. We are pushed to our extreme point, like how this pandemic has affected us, for us to take action. Entrepreneurs must be more willing to the universe screaming at us.  Running through the brick wall isn’t always the best strategy.  Sometimes it’s better to go up and over.

Pivoting is very important in business, and many fears change; we must be quick and mindful when pivoting.


online businessUndoubtedly, social media can be a powerful tool for businesses. It can help you raise awareness, reach new audiences, and engage with potential and current customers. But the importance of fine-tuning your social media strategy often gets overlooked. Without a well-defined plan, wasting time and resources on activities that don’t produce results is too easy.

Fortunately, crafting a kick-ass social media plan is easier than it sounds. Start by taking a close look at your goals and objectives. What are you trying to achieve? Once you understand your goals well, you can develop a strategy for reaching them. That might involve anything from increasing your presence on specific platforms to working with influencers to get your message out there.


Once you have a plan, it’s time to take action and start seeing results. With a little effort and attention to detail, you can create a social media strategy that works for your business. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!


Once we have done all the planning, we will have your KPIs planned, and you are going into the field with all the necessary tools to make your business sustainable and profitable.

There’s no question that social media is a powerful tool for reaching and engaging potential customers. But what’s the best way to go about it? Depending on your business, you might want to focus on building a strong presence on one or two platforms, or you might want to spread your reach across multiple platforms. You might also want to consider working with influencers in your industry to help get your name out there. Whatever approach you take, the important thing is to have a plan and be consistent with your execution. With a little effort, you can build a successful online business for yourself.


Without a Mentor in your online business, you can do all the above, but what might take you six months to achieve might take about one year.

Your loved ones, the online masters, distributions, and even easygoing associates can give you a consistent progression of data concerning business news, industry improvements, and openings. Industry examiners, specialists, workers, and great systems administration contacts can impart their master information concerning specific circumstances and requirements you may experience.

In any case, just a business mentor can genuinely impart intelligence to you on a continuous premise and in a way that can have an immediate, positive effect on the development of your business after some time.

The nonexclusive business guidance from online distributions will go up until now, and a decent business coach gets right where that leaves off.

This is lovely feed back from one of our Mentee: –

I have attended the basic digital marketing course with Ros. The course is super practical and very hands-on. We can start creating our business page immediately after the course. I learn to do designing and copywriting just in 4 hours. I love our coach; she is willing to share her skills unconditionally and is very good at coaching us. I was thrilled to learn the shortcuts that are so helpful to me as a full-time mum. Now I can manage my business better. I am grateful to Rose

LeAnne Khong

Plant Essential

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Roselin Das | CEO, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Mentor |
Digital Tribe Sdn Bhd

Roselin Das is the Chief Amazement Officer at Digital Tribe, a company specialising in digital marketing. She has over 15 years of experience in the field and has been instrumental in helping various businesses and entrepreneurs achieve success through effective digital marketing strategies. Roselin is a certified professional with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and she’s currently pursuing a master’s in Digital Marketing Strategies and Planning.

Roselin is dedicated to empowering individuals to excel in the digital marketing field. She has mentored approximately 10,000 business owners, providing them with practical insights and guidance to grow their businesses. Her mentorship approach is engaging, inspiring individuals to overcome challenges and embrace innovative marketing techniques.

Roselin believes in the transformative power of digital marketing and is committed to helping others navigate the complexities of the digital world. Her passion for mentorship, coupled with her commitment to excellence, make her a valuable asset to the Digital Tribe community.

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