How to use Instagram marketing and make it viral in Malaysia!

How to use Instagram marketing and make it viral in Malaysia!

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Instagram Marketing

How to use Instagram Marketing and make it viral in Malaysia!

The current trending social media app is Instagram. How to use Instagram Marketing and make it viral! Instagram is a mobile photo editing and sharing app that saw its user base reach 600 million in December 2016. (Record base Constant contact us based company). You are left behind if you are not using this social media for your business.

The big and small players are already on Instagram, especially those with attractive visuals. The fashion industry, Makeup industry, The media, The big brands, and Designer items are a natural fit. Like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram now has business-specific profiles.

Gone are the days when brands rush to place ads in magazines or newspapers. Now every single brand is joining all the social network platforms. I am sure many old-school sellers will wonder why these big brands are rushing to be noticed on Instagram. Let us enlighten you on Why to use Instagram Instagram marketing:-

  • Instagram is straightforward to use, and it’s entirely visual and colourful
  • We can tell a story through visuals on Instagram
  • Instagram uses mobile, and that’s what we want.

Instagram Marketing

After testing and measuring all our strategies, we have shortlisted five strategies which work the best:-

1. Using Images for storytelling, not just blasting your brands

We will talk about Starbucks here; I am sure you will all see plenty of their cup/mug images on their post; they focus mainly on what people are doing while having their coffee. For example, people will read the

ing book, work with their laptops, or even chill at the beach. This is precisely what we want, be subtle and focus on your customer rather than your brand.

2. Make sure you know why you are posting the post.

Create a storyboard and post those images which will explain your story. Don’t post anything because that will not benefit the business/brand. No matter which category of your post, post only something relevant and important and always has a plan behind each post.

3. Don’t post too often in a day

You can post a couple of times a day, but not many times; when you post many times and flood your follower’s feed, they will unfollow you. To find out the exact right amount to post will take a bit of trial and error as it depends on your audience. We would suggest posting only three times a day. You can use apps like Canva, Photogrid, Picframe and many others apps to create a photo collage or some photo effect; this will draw followers to your Instagram account.

4. If possible, have one name for all the business accounts you have on social media

Having one name on all social media will help you in two ways. Firstly, it will be easy for the customer to find your business on all the social media, and if there is a need to research your business, they will know how to look for you. Secondly, this will make hashtag creation and usage more effective. Assuming someone Hashtag your page on Instagram, the chances of it appearing on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In are very high.

5. Hashtag ‘D” thing in social media

Always remember to create a hashtag for your brands or business. You can search for “Best Hashtag for {your industry}” in Google and choose some of it, at least post 10-20 hashtags. 

Under the search area in that particular social media, when someone searches using those hashtags, your business name will appear because you have those hashtags.

Bottom line: As the old proverb goes—a picture is worth 1,000 words. It’s still true today, but with Instagram, a picture may also be worth 1,000 “likes,” retweets, and shares!

Instagram Marketing

Now how to start this new venture so you can nail your Instagram for Business:-

1. Get used to the apps

Firstly, do a test and measure on your profile page first, take some pictures and use some filters and play with the features. Once you are familiar with the apps, you can create a business page,

2. Connect your Facebook business page with your Instagram page

This will make it easy for you to share your photos or story on both platforms. This will also make your Facebook fans like your Instagram account more quickly.

3. Exploit the Instagram video function

On Instagram, people like drama; they like motion and feel. Make use of the function to create more engagement for that post. In addition to its standard video function, Instagram has recently rolled out its live video function, allowing anyone to create and share live videos that are only viewable for as long as they are filming.

4. Hashtags

Now getting into the Instagram game is all about hashtags. Choose the appropriate hashtags which are suitable for your business or brands.  When using hashtags, use only ones that relate to the photo/business/brands and help your target audience find your photos easily.

Don’t overload your hashtag there when you post the same image on Facebook. Use every social media correctly to gain maximum results.

5. Running a photo contest will make your follower number increase tremendously

Get your audience on Facebook to take an image and use the hashtag you assign for the contest, and by them doing it you will be getting more hits on your Instagram. This is a cheaper way to bring your Facebook fans to your new Instagram account.

6.  Use it as a social network

Like any other social media page, engagement is the keyword word for our account.  Every post, every image, try to make it as exciting as possible and must engage with your audience and their friends. You can start with liking and commenting on others’ photos, too because it increases the chances of your business being found on Instagram. Follow those who follow you on Instagram, and your network will grow automatically.

If this objective is vital to you, take these tips seriously!

7. Use Instagram and show your personality

Post images of what is behind the scene, how you make your products, who your team is, and who your workstation is, show your customers(with their permission) and be personal because people like to see the real you.


Grow your Instagram account in 2022 with all the tips we have shared. If you have no time, contact us so we can help you!


Happy  Instagramming.




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