How to start a business and make it sustainable and profitable!

How to start a business and make it sustainable and profitable!

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How to start a business and make it sustainable and profitable!

Start a business and make it sustainable and profitable using SMART Goal Technique. Goal setting is your number 1 priority to get your business running in the right direction. Let’s create a “Smart” Goal, make it work, and achieve your dream! Every year we do our goal setting, create our vision and mission, and set our direction for the year.

How many of us achieve all our goals? The percentage is deficient. We don’t reach the plan mainly because we never do the proper goal setting based on the SMART Technique. Many people don’t know how to go about achieving the goals they set.


Follow these five steps to create your goal.

Example of a goal: – I want to have savings of RM30k.

Let’s see how to Use the SMART technique and create an achievable goal.



Be Specific

Example:- I want to have savings of RM30k.

By when you what to achieve RM30k in savings by December 2019

How much must you keep aside for a month? In 6 months, what is the amount must be?


Example:- I want to have savings of RM30k.

Saving RM30K means we must at least Put RM2,500 per month into our savings acc. By June 2019, you must have saved RM15k. This is how you measure your goal and monitor your progress.


Example:- I want to have savings of RM30k.

Do you need to first analysis this is achievable for you? Is RM30K too high for the target?  Is it in your power or control to achieve it? Can you save this much with your current income and expenses?


Example:- I want to have savings of RM30k.

Now you must revisit this goal and see if it is attainable by you and how many sources of income you have. Is this amount easy to achieve?

Time base

Example:- I want to have savings of RM30k.

Now set a clear time frame to achieve this goal; place a percentage beside the plan every month to help you stay focused and motivated.

Some of the processes might sound repeating, but when you do this for every goal, you will be very clear on WHY you are setting this goal.

how to start a business

Positively, what resources are needed to achieve this goal? Is it stated in sensory terms with a clear context definition? You want to know how you will know when you’ve completed your target self-initiated and controlled by yourself; ecological influences, if any, also need careful thought through so they don’t get out of hand or, worse still, harm someone else’s life too!

How to start a business–Now set at least ten goals- SMART Goal!

Here is the list of areas you can look into; there are eight areas, and you can choose 1 or 2 from each area. Please ensure all the areas are covered. This will lead you to a balanced lifestyle too.

  1. Business/ Career
  2. Finance
  3. Physical
  4. Mental/Mind
  5. Family
  6. Relationship
  7. Spiritual Goal
  8. Lifestyle

Are you all excited to set your goals in style for 2019?



How to start a business let’s do activity-Setting goals and Creating a Vision Book!



  • Your most precious 10 Goals are based on the Technique and Areas I mentioned in an earlier post.
  • Thick card Paper (A6 size-A4 paper folded in 4)
  • Marker/Magic Pen
  • Big Sketch Book
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pictures-You can cut out these images from magazines, or you can even Google them and print them and make sure their colour is printed out.


  1. Your Dream Car
  2. Your Dreamhouse
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Wealth
  5. Health
  6. Business/Career
  7. Family life
  8. Holidays
  9. Achievements
  10. Jewellery
  11. Handbags
  12. Clothing
  13. Exercise/Yoga
  14. Achievement

Setting Goals is the first step now, but the challenge most of us face is achieving them.

Let’s see what Malaysia’s Top Business Coaching Legend, Jeevan Sahadevan say’s about Goal Setting:-

He shared seven steps we usually neglect, leading us to not achieving our goals. Here I am going to share the steps, so you all can follow them, and hopefully, this time, we can accomplish the entire goal promptly. Here is the list:

Decision step

Decide the goal you are going to work on for 2019. At least have ten plans based on the areas we shared earlier.

Write the list on thick paper and keep it with you, bring it everywhere, and look at it daily.

Clarity step

Write down all the details of how you will achieve the Goals. How will you measure the success of the Goal?

Now get these three things:-

  • Buy a folder with a section; each folder assign to each goal
  • Get a Journal-Write down all the details inside the Journal and keep it with you.
  • Open a Folder on your Desktop, put the Goals 2019, and save all the related documents inside; when you feel down, open and read the Journal; browse the folder.

Give a Milestone Step

Besides each, set a milestone, and give the percentage of completion

Resources steps

Everything you need to achieve the goals-By doing these, each time you see the percentage going up, your excitement level will also go up.

Organizing Step

Now in the planning session, write down which month you what to do to achieve the goals. Which quarter will it happen?

Action Step

Fall in love with Rituals- Yes, Rituals are good for us, we do the same things every time, and we will eventually achieve the bigger picture.

Feedback Step

Each time something happens which leads you one step closer to your goal, write it down and write the feedback; by doing this, you will know exactly what to do to achieve it. Share the plans with people you love so they can remind you of them.

How to Start a Business – 4 Steps for Getting Your Goals:

Step 1: Write down on paper (not type/electronic). Follow the order of importance.

Step 2: Make plans to achieve them. How to go about it.

Step 3: Read and rewrite what you wrote 2X a day every day and think about it as often as possible.

Step 4: Do not talk to anyone about your plans except your Subconscious Mind. You will know how to make it happen and execute those methods.

Happy trying, and drop us the feedback!!





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