Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia

Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia

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Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia

“Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia”

Do your Digitalisation for outstanding branding in Malaysia make many realize that when scrolling on your social media, only certain advertisements will appear, and yours are one of them? The world has shown a paradigm shift from analogue to digital in the last decade. People nowadays are consuming all kinds of online information.

With everything moving towards digital, business owners must also find ways to ensure their business is seen digitally. This is to avoid losing out to competitors, and the only way you can focus on the Goal “Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding”.

In this era when online has become a norm, digital marketing is the best way for businesses to reach out to targeted customers. While it is undeniable traditional or offline marketing is an effective way to generate leads. This trend is surely changing because everything is moving towards becoming digitalisation. 

More and more businesses are shifting their marketing budgets from traditional marketing to Digital Marketing. Compared to traditional marketing, such as print marketing and advertising on TV and radio, Digital Marketing is cheaper and easier to set up, run and monitor. The results are trackable and measurable in a way that non-digital marketing can’t offer.

Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia

What is digital marketing actually, and how it helps in Branding?

Digital marketing is a term used to describe all the marketing activities that use an electronic device or the Internet to promote our business. These cover various types of online marketing, from content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and beyond.

To better understand Digital Marketing, this article will give an idea of the different types of marketing that fall under the umbrella of Digital Marketing. Of course, there is no need to use all of them, but getting a brief understanding will help you. 


Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia


Content Marketing

Content Marketing, or what we can also call Content Creation, is not so much about directly marketing products and services to customers but rather focuses on creating valuable and enriching content for our target audience. This must have a specific goal, such as providing quality information and creating followers for your brand, which drives profitable customer action.

In general, content marketing is part of every other Digital Marketing activity, such as social media marketing, email marketing and SEO, the reason quality content is the core of every marketing activity. Content marketing aims to promote a business brand by providing enriching and engaging information without any aim to sell anything behind the post.

Some content marketing examples include infographics, case studies, blog posts, podcasts, and e-books. How does content marketing help to boost followers exactly? You share meaningful and purposeful content through blog posts, articles, and videos, which builds up a loyal customer base that trusts your brand and regularly visits your site for content.

Content Creation is our main focus to achieve our goal of “Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding”. To create meaningful content that is informative about your business or industry, it is important to listen to your customer needs and produce what they want because your content must be share-worthy and speaks to their needs. This will then help to drive traffic to your site and potentially more business.
Do check out our Facebook to see more about Content Marketing. 

Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia

Social Media Marketing (SOCMED)-Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia

Businesses should use Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to connect with their customers. Social media platforms are some of the most popular ways for people worldwide – including business owners-to get online interaction about products or services they offer. With over 2 billion monthly active users on just one network (Facebook), it’s important not only that you’re present but also how often you post!

Social media marketing is an effective way for businesses to increase exposure and build meaningful customer relationships. This platform enables the business to share valuable content, engage in conversations with customers and listen to what they say.

Dependent on business type, different business types suit different social media platforms. Facebook would suit all business types, but LinkedIn would be more suitable for B2B. Instagram would be ideal for a business with lots of visuals, and Youtube would suit foodie Industries.

How does social media marketing work for Branding?

Through campaigns and targeted ads, the goal is to grow your social media following to gain more business through these platforms. Platforms like Facebook collect data about users’ likes and interests and personal factors like age, location, etc.

All this information is available to Facebook business users to create targeted ads to appear on a select demographic’s news feed. These ads can then be used to promote products and services or entice users to ‘like’, “Comment,” or “Share” your page, keeping them up to date with your posts.

The most important thing here is understanding your customer persona well before entering social media. 

Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia


Video Marketing

These are super-effective ways of getting the message across because they create an emotional connection with the audience. Besides, video is much more interesting than reading just some text or even a picture. Business owners are always encouraged to utilize video marketing because of its effectiveness.

Videos can be in any form, whether short clip or longer format, educational or entertaining, pre-recorded or streamed live.

Streaming live videos is also a great way to connect and interact with your audience and customers. Nowadays, all major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn are pushing videos so your video content can get more reach and engagement and rank higher in search engine results.

Hence, it is wise for business owners to utilise video creation to obtain higher customer engagement fully. Despite its advantages, the videos created must be able to grab people’s attention in just a few seconds to avoid them losing interest.

Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding

Search Engine Optimization-Digitalization for Outstanding Branding-Malaysia

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is getting quality traffic from free, organic search results on search engines like Google or Bing. SEO is essential if you aim to generate more business from online searches. It is one of the most important types of digital marketing because, without SEO, people cannot find your business online.

Why? Because many people do not bother scrolling to page 2 of search engines. It is important to utilise SEO to rank your Business Website on the first page of Google. By making your article SEO COmpliance, you can be on the first page.

The use of keywords in SEO is an integral part of the foundation. Without them, a website will not appear when people search on Google or other engines like Bing and Yahoo! 

A great way for you as a business owner/organization manager (or anyone who manages websites) can make your site more accessible through digitalisation by using keyphrase strategies such as keyword stuffing which has been around since before web browsers became popularized among users back in the 1990s.

Now there are tools available where one doesn’t have to be fluent enough in English speakers because these programs automatically generate content based on natural language processing algorithms. 

Instant Messaging Marketing-Geared towards Digitalization

Per our understanding, Instant messaging is most often used to connect with family and friends. It’s not true; we use Instant Messaging for businesses to send out information and messages faster.

This type of communication makes interaction and connection easier and faster. Entrepreneurs can create a group or broadcast a message to their target audience. This allows them to pass the most relevant messages according to the segmentation.

In Instant messaging, we have identified three apps; WhatsApp is the most effective Instant Messaging marketing tool.

Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion active users, and WeChat has a few hundred million users. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising-Geared towards Digitalization

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is smart for those who want their ad to appear in front of as many potential customers as possible. It’s easier than SEO because you’re only paying when someone clicks on your advertisement, so there isn’t any risk of losing rankings due to too much competition around certain keywords like “buy widgets.”

Pay per Click can be used both long-term and short-term depending upon how much time/money an individual has available; however, it should always remain one option among others along the lines of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Geared towards Digitalization for Outstanding Branding

Search Engine Marketing-Geared towards Digitalization

To put it simply, Search Engine Marketing or SEM is marketing covering both PPC and SEO work. Some marketers combine SEO and PPC to effectively bring more traffic to the business website via search engines.
You can drive quality traffic by allocating the budget to run paid with unpaid advertising. 

When doing SEO or PPC, ensure the keywords are relevant to your business’s services and products. How do we recognize paid and nonpaid search results in Google? Paid search results have a little ” Ad ” sign at the URL’s beginning. When we do pay ads, the visibility of our website gets better. 

I am sure you are clear now on bringing you and your business branding towards Digitalization.

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